Dave Flitter

Photography for me is mostly about using my camera to capture images of the bits of the world I find appealing. This is not all just for my benefit though, I really hope you too like some of my photographs. 

I got my first camera, a Kodak Brownie 44a, in my teens. Although my 44a was a really basic film camera, it was a start. It’s interesting to find cameras like that are now popular with some serious photographers who want to get a basic, “retro look". I have to say that’s not for me though, I prefer to explore the power and flexibility of my modern cameras with all of the benefits they have to offer; but each to their own, I guess.

I really got hooked when I bought a Pentax film SLR camera when I was twenty. Later I changed from film to digital and, although my first digital camera was a pretty basic Minolta DiMage, I loved it and I’ve not looked back since. Having the ability to take a shot, look at it straight away and, if I don’t like what I see, take the shot again is just terrific. Previously, when I had to wait until my shots were developed, all I could do was take some extras and hope for the best.

I finally outgrew my Minolta about nine years ago; we were planning a safari to Kenya and I thought I’d better replace it with something a bit better. So I joined the Nikon camp, another big step forward. It just amazes me how powerful my (since updated) Nikon cameras actually are. The latest digital cameras are terrific; even the inexpensive compact I use for snapshots (a Canon) has a resolution of well over 10 mega-pixels and it has all the bells and whistles you could want in such a camera.

Since going on safari to the Masai Mara, where I took more photographs of lions than anything else, I’ve been to some great places in Europe, the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean and the Far East. Between them these places have given me some great opportunities to photograph beautiful beaches, seascapes, sunsets, city streets and the countryside.

I now live close to the Norfolk coast where I get to photograph the countryside of East Anglia and the North Sea coast. Actually, some of my shots are of Norfolk, all captured within a few miles of where I live, are among my personal favourites.

I must say though, there is something particularly exciting about looking through the camera at a fully-grown male lion that’s only ten feet from the open Landrover your standing in and I’d just love to go back to Kenya soon.

On my website you’ll find a selection of my photographs from places near and far, shots of beaches and the sea, of sunsets, of big cats and other Kenyan wildlife and of the Norfolk countryside. I hope you like some of them.