Dave Flitter

Photography for me is about taking pictures of the places and things that appeal to me personally. But that isn’t all; I’d like my photographs to please you too. 

 I got my first camera in my early teens. It was a very basic Kodak that would now be popular with those photographers who want their images to have a “retro” look. That’s not for me, though, I prefer the power and flexibility of modern digital cameras.

 I guess I really got hooked when, in the 70s, I bought my first SLR. A Pentax Spotmatic. I simply revelled in the control it gave me. Soon after I bought another, better Pentax and an assortment of lenses; together these gave me hours of fun.

 In the 00’s, I got my first digital camera, a Minolta; by today’s standards it was pretty basic but I loved it. To be able to take a shot, see straight away whether or not I liked it and if not to take the shot again (and again, and again), was just great. Before I went digital I’d take my extra shots hoping for the best.

 I’ve since upgraded to Nikon cameras and lenses and they are just amazing. Of course the equipment we photographers use is only our toolkit; what counts is what we do with it. You’ll be the judge, but I like to think I’ve developed an eye for a photo opportunity others might miss and that I’ve had enough experience to be able to capture (I hope) pleasing images in a style that is somewhat my own.

 In the past ten years I’ve been lucky enough to travel widely on trips that have given me the opportunity to photograph amazing animals, beautiful beaches, landscapes and seascapes, sunsets and city scenes.

 Now I live in rural Norfolk and I get to photograph East Anglia and the North Sea coast and that’s pretty special too. Actually I think some of my best shots are of Norfolk, all captured within a few miles of where I live.

 Until 2007 I earned my keep as a Business Analyst and photography was my hobby. Now, I’m pleased to say it’s how I earn my crust. So, here today, and on my website you’ll find a selection of my photographs from places near and far, shots of beaches and the sea, of sunsets, of big cats and other Kenyan wildlife and of the Norfolk countryside. I hope you like some of them.