How to navigate Flitz Fotos website

When you came into Flitz Fotos you were taken straight into the Home page and from there, and all other pages, you can use the links across the top and bottom of your screen to access to all other areas of the website.

Starting with Home, all of Flitz Fotos' website pages are described below.

Home page

As well as providing access to all other pages, the Home page provides a brief introduction to the site and cycles through a small selection of our images.

Gallery page

As well as providing access to all other pages, the Gallery page allows you to access all of the images offered for sale.

On the Gallery page you can use the button in the top left corner to display all of our images or to choose a particular category (geographical area or subject matter). Clicking on any image on the Gallery page deploys Lightbox to display a larger view of that image.

With Lightbox deployed, clicking on the displayed image allows you to cycle round the images currently contained on the selected gallery page. By clicking anywhere outside of Lightbox area you can return to the Gallery page.

Clicking on the text immediately below any image in the Gallery will take you to the Product page where you can see a larger view of the image, read a few words about it and gain access to a list of available sizes and prices. From there you can add the image you’re looking at to your shopping basket by checking the box next to the size you want and clicking on “Add to Basket”. If you want to buy more than one copy you can increase your quantity on the Basket page. From here you can either return to the main Gallery page to continue browsing our images or you can go to the Checkout page.

Basket page

As well as providing access to all other pages, the Basket page provides you with details of images you have chosen to purchase. On the Basket page you will see the images you’ve picked with details of sizes, quantities and the total price of each image you’ve chosen. You can also remove from your basket any print you decide you don’t want to purchase after all.

From the Basket page you can either return to the Gallery to continue shopping or you can move on to the Checkout page.

Checkout page

Once you’ve added one or more prints to your basket, as well as providing access to all other pages, the Checkout page will enable you to complete the purchase process using secure facilities to make your payment.

About page

As well as providing access to all other pages, the About Me page will give you a potted history of my involvement in photography.

Contact page

As well as providing access to all other pages, The Contact page gives you access to a messaging facility, our email address, postal address and telephone number so that you can contact us.

So we can be sure you’re a real person, not a computer pretending to be a person with the intent of sending out spam, we ask you to type in a five character code we provide. This code is displayed in a way we hope makes it difficult for computer programs to read so you need to be a bit careful to get your code entry right, in terms of upper and lower case letters for example.

Help page

As well as providing access to all other pages, the Help page… well you already know what the Help page does otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

FAQs page

The Frequently Asked Questions page gives you access to common questions about Flitz Fotos so it’s worth checking here before you contact us with any query you may have.

If, however, you can’t find the answer you’re looking for on the FAQs page, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our Contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

Terms and Conditions page

The Terms and Conditions page is important. Our Terms and Conditions from the basis of your purchase from us, and you will be asked to confirm you’ve read through them before we accept your order.

Privacy Policy page

This page simply explains briefly why we need certain information about you and what do and do not do with that information once we have it.