Having firmly settled myself  in Clovelly High Street I took full advantage of the absence of people milling about to stop the lens down a bit to get this darker, moodier image.

As well as the general ambience of the image, I like the small amount of detail in the sea and the sky; enough to make them interesting not so much as to take the eye away from the main subject of the shot.

I may be applying a bit too much poetic licence here but I like to think, if you ignore the Xmas lights strung across the street, the odd bit of modern signage here and there and the supermarket tray with wooden runners used to sled things up and down the cobbles, you could imagine yourself here back in the 19th century.

This image is supplied with a substantial border with the title printed in the centre at the bottom.

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Looking Down Closely High Street 2

Looking Down Closely High Street 2

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