The last full day of our Dartmoor trip and it's up tp the North Devon Coast, specifically to Clovelly.

We parked up, paid our dues and went down to Clovelly harbour. Unfortunately, the tide was out! Not just bad planning on my part; December days are short so early or late starts are impractical (they're dark you see) and we'd had quite a drive to get there.

Even so I did try a few harbour shots but I got nothing I could use. So, "we 'ad a cuppa-tea, an' then we went 'ome". No we didn't; we went back onto the High Street.

This is the most colourful image I got there. So if it's colour you want... Of course, you'd probably get even more colour in the height of summer; particularly in the clothes worn by the many tourists.

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Looking Down Closely High Street 3

Looking Down Closely High Street 3

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